It is a curious thing to plan for contingencies.

No matter how well you prepare for the unexpected, when it finally arrives, because it is exactly as its name implies, the unforeseen inevitably leaves you scrambling. One can attempt to plan for the unexpected, but the unexpected is never planned; you can only prepare for the worst, whatever that may be. It’s a catch even Yossarian would be forced to chuckle at. Though it’s one that is ultimately a blessing in disguise. After all, it’s only when plans are thrown into disarray that you truly find yourself on the trail of adventure that leads souls into the unknown. And it was with a spell of poor weather in Mount Kosciuszko National Park that four friends and myself not only discovered this, but came to treasure this wilful abandon amid the unravelling chaos. All one really has to do is keep their wits about them.

But that’s easier said than done, of course.

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